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studyabroadaids.net is a growing information hub for students looking to explore education on paths outside their home country. Our editorial team focuses on bringing you the latest up-to-date information on towing the path to international studies.

Our goal is simple: help you make very informed choices with proper guidance, so you can travel to your dream country for educational purposes. We do this by answering crucial questions from interview questions to prep you for a Visa interview, getting you first-hand information about requirements for different courses of study, study destination questions, IELTS, TOEFL, and other certification exams, and even studying for the ACT.

With studyabroadaids.net, you have a rich resource to make your study travel plans come to fruition.

Our team includes:

Charles, a seasoned writer, and editor heads the running of studyabroadaids.net

Ene – a freelance writer, and graduate nurse.

Blessing – graduate engineer, and travel expert.

Precious – a linguist and travel expert.

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