Unskilled Jobs With Visa Sponsorship USA 2022

Looking for Unskilled Jobs With Visa Sponsorship USA this 2022? Read on the discover your options!

The U.S. is an outstanding country where many foreigners aspire to work. It promises the fulfillment of your American dream due to its influential and ever-growing economy. Many foreigners from different areas of the globe wish to work and reside there permanently or temporarily. But in most situations, they lack the skills and experience to perform efficiently in some job categories.

Hence, having an unskilled job with an American visa sponsorship would be their best option. Some top unskilled jobs these U.S. non-citizens can get with visa sponsorships are Janitors, Parking attendants, laborers on construction sites, line operators, etc.

Key Takeaways: Unskilled Jobs With Visa Sponsorship USA 2022

Many foreigners desire to work in the U.S due to its potent economy and living standards, but most lack the skills appropriate for some job types. However, working in unskilled jobs with  American visa sponsorships is a perfect solution that allows them to live there permanently or temporarily, depending on their visa type. You can work as an agricultural laborer, Fastfood worker, etc. They can find these jobs by visiting legit job ad websites or asking around.

What Is a USA Visa Sponsorship?

A US visa sponsorship is a guarantee from your potential employer saying he will handle the requirements that will allow you to work for him in the U.S. Also, he will provide the required documents to the immigration officials to enable them to approve you and assure them you will be paid equally as a U.S. citizen.

The visa sponsorship issued by your employer comprises various documents that the USCIS needs to see. These letters vary but entail the same information, a willing hire, and all employment data. A challenge with unskilled jobs with American visa sponsorship is the question most employers have to answer. 

They have to explain to the officials their reason for not choosing a U.S. citizen as their employee as America has a large population. A popular solution to this problem is job advertisement postings. The employer can explain that no American citizen or P.R. turned up for the job, so he had to go with a foreigner.

Unskilled Jobs With Visa Sponsorship USA

Types of U.S. Visa Sponsorship

Nonimmigrant Visas job Sponsorship

A nonimmigrant visa sponsorship doesn’t allow a foreigner to become a permanent resident or apply for American citizenship. You can only use it for temporary stays, and it is the best visa type for contract jobs that last for six months to a year. Some types are:

  • H-1b visa for foreigners with degrees fitting for specialty jobs like doctors, I.T. specialists, etc.
  • H-2A visa for foreigners to engage in agricultural labor for a stipulated time
  • H-2B visa for foreigners who can do other unskilled jobs like supermarket attendants, cleaning, etc.

Immigrant Visas job Sponsorships

Immigrant visas are for foreigners who desire to reside permanently and take up employment in the U.S. They are just like green cards and also require job sponsorships before approval. They also have immigrant visas on employment sponsorships. Some of them are:

  • EB-1 visas are issued to foreigners who are incredibly proficient in academics and business.
  • EB-2 visas are issued to foreigners with high-level degrees and outstanding accomplishments in business and can offer reasonable developments to the U.S.
  • EB-3 visas are for skilled and unskilled foreigners with experience of more or less than two years.

Additionally, working unskilled jobs on American visa sponsorship can make you eligible for permanent residence, and the validity of the visa depends on which type you have. Some last for three years or less with unlimited extensions like a green card, while others don’t.

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How to Apply for Jobs With Visa Sponsorship

Determine U.S. Employers in Need

The unemployment rate in the U.S may be high, but employers are still looking out for workers, either unskilled workers for menial jobs or based on location. Some might have no problem sponsoring visas for foreigners to come work for them, so always be on the lookout and search job advertisement websites. Click here to visit indeed.com, a legit American job posting company.

Search for employers with foreign worker history

Always prioritize applying for jobs in companies that have previously worked with foreigners as it assures you better chances. Some large business corporations hire foreigners provided they are proficient and even have a department that handles foreign workers-related issues. Regardless, small-scale companies that previously worked with foreigners may also agree with that option.

Expand American connections and contact the American employers

You can always contact friends and acquaintances in America to ask for information on any company that hires non-American citizens and sponsors their visas. If you succeed in finding one, reach out to them and provide a well-constructed CV even if they don’t have vacant jobs, just in case.


While getting unskilled jobs with American visa sponsorships is challenging, it is possible. Ensure to meet the requirements, use a legitimate job website in your search, and choose jobs you can handle well. Obtaining American jobs is only the first step to achieving your American dream.