Can International Students Work in the Uk After Graduation?

The United Kingdom houses several successful business corporations and is one of the world’s largest economies, making it an ideal location for ambitious students seeking to pursue a career. Aside from its numerous business opportunities, it has a standard academic style and prized colleges. 

Several international students wish to study in The UK and can recently work in the UK after graduation with the existing Graduate Visa. Owning this visa confirms your eligibility to work in the UK without a sponsor or a job. You can get this Graduate visa by having a student visa and completing a program within/after 2021.

Key Takeaways

Many international students desire to study and work in the UK after graduation because of its high-quality educational system and substantial job opportunities. The UK allows international students to work in Uk after graduating for two years. 

But they can continue working in the UK after graduation if they get a full-time job or a Tier 2 visa, which enables them to earn permanent residency. The UK offers many benefits like its valuable currency, healthcare assistance, and insurance coverage to its employees. 

Advantages of Working in the Uk

Various international students plan to work in the UK after graduation and for reasonable goals. They include:

Improvement of financial condition 

A crucial benefit you obtain from working in The UK is acquiring pounds, a valuable currency worldwide with a substantial exchange amount. Earning only a modest income in this currency provides you with a pleasant life and an opportunity to make better money than you would in your nationality.

Opportunity to obtain permanent residence 

Working in the UK for five years minimum makes you eligible to obtain permanent residence in the UK. Having a UK PR gives you the right to reside and work wherever you desire in the UK without a visa, and you can also relocate your family to the UK to live with you.

Healthcare and educational facilities 

There are healthcare organizations and colleges in the UK that provide free aid. Nonresidents can benefit from these plans to enjoy the best standards of healthcare and academics at affordable rates. Also, there are good schools and academic institutes that allow people to learn without cost.

Social security benefits 

The United Kingdom offers five fundamental S.S assistance to employees, and they are:

  • National insurance delivers financial relief to workers who suffer sickness, death of a spouse, unemployment, and many other unfortunate circumstances. But only people who pay for these insurance donations benefit from the services.
  • National health service provides free medical treatments for United Kingdom residents. 
  • Non-contributory benefits are available to some disabled individuals and businesses.
  • Some employers offer regulatory allowances to their workers, such as leaves for maternity, paternity, and adoption.

Employees also enjoy some benefits, such as company cars, season ticket loans, tax-free childcare, bike to work, gymnasiums, and workplace canteens. Some of these benefits are not entirely free, but they are very affordable to ensure employee satisfaction and the smooth running of work.

Faq About International Students Working in the Uk

Does the United Kingdom permit international students to work after graduation?

The United Kingdom gives international students a two-year maximum to work after graduation from an academic institute.

How can international students gain permanent residence in the United Kingdom?

International students can permanently reside in the United Kingdom if they get full-time employment and are free to apply for permanent residency after working for five years. Also, they need to perform well in English proficiency examinations and the knowledge of life in the UK examination.

Which city in the United Kingdom has more employment opportunities for international students?

Many international students opt for London because it has reputable universities and substantial employment opportunities. 

What happens to an international student after the two-year interval of working in the United Kingdom expires?

After the two years expires, the international students/graduates have to vacate the UK or opt for a different visa like the Top-2 general work visa. This visa type allows them to work for an employer the immigration approves.


Surely anyone would like to work in a country having a profitable currency and employment benefits. Fortunately, the United Kingdom allows international students to work in the UK after graduation to attain their career goals. However, it is crucial to know that you have two years to work there, so ensure to acquire a visa that can lengthen your time there long enough to obtain permanent residence.