10 easy ways one can use to migrate to Canada as an immigrant in 2023

There are many ways to migrate to a new country – either through a work visa, scholarship program, invitation, or special programs. More so, asides from these means, there are other means to get into a new country. For Africans, Canada is one of the most sort-after immigration destinations and this article covers up to 10 easy ways to get into the American country.

No doubt, Canada is a great country with a warm attitude toward immigrants. The country also has a low unemployment rate, which means that if you possess in-demand skills or knowledge, you’d most likely land a job in Canada. There are scholarship programs that allow students to get into Canada; similarly, there are work programs that allow skilled individuals to get into Canada.

It is important to say that you shouldn’t rush Canada immigration programs posted online as there are many false stories published about migrating to the country. As an aspiring immigrant, you should process all the requirements through the official Canadian Immigration website or visit the local embassy in your country. Going forward in this article, you’d learn more about these things.

Below are 10 easy ways one can use to move to Canada as an immigrant in 2023

Each of these ways has specific requirements; if you don’t meet the requirement of one, check the others.

1. Family Sponsorship

This is quite simple to understand. If you have a family member already residing in Canada, they can always invite you over for a holiday or study purposes. Family sponsorship is one of the seamless, straightforward ways for an immigrant to quickly get into Canada within the shortest time possible.

But, as said earlier, you must have a family member over there, and the family member must have satisfied specific requirements before they can sponsor someone to come over. The family member must have Canada Permanent Visa or is a native Canadian citizen, or be registered in Canada as an Indian under the Canadian Indian Act.

2. Study Visa

Study visas are given to qualified students or post-degree seekers. This type of visa is relatively easy to get if you meet the educational requirements. You can study any course in Canadian universities and colleges, so whatever your discipline is, you can always secure a study visa and jet out of your local country to the American country of Canada.

3. Express Entry

This is the fastest route to Canada, even the name tells it all – “Express Entry.” There are different categories for this visa type, and each has specific requirements that must be met. So, if you don’t meet the requirements for one of the categories, you can always check the others. Express entry visas aren’t for people looking to study in Canada; it is basically for workers.

If you get into Canada through an Express Entry system, you can receive Canada permanent residence status within six months of your stay (if you satisfy other requirements for a Canada PR). The Express Entry visa programs that can get you into Canada include:

  1. 1. Federal Skilled Worker (FSW);

2. Canadian Experience Class (CEC); and

3. Federal Skilled Trades (FST)

To get started with any of these, you have to visit the Canadian immigration website and select Express Entry, then pick any of these categories to access the forms and data needed for you to submit. You have to obtain a certain Canada’s Comprehensive Ranking System (CRS) score for you to qualify.

If you’re applying alone, you should spend around CAD 2,300 on average, while couples may spend around CAD 4,500 on average. This visa type is for skilled workers who want to further their careers in Canada.

4. Caregivers

You can immigrate to Canada as a caregiver; the skill is one of the most sort-after in Canada and the government are willing to welcome you if you’re coming to help out. If you’re a caregiver, there are a couple of options available to you to come to Canada and work with a temporary work visa or become a permanent resident. Detailed information about Canada’s caregivers’ visas is available on the government’s immigration site.

5. Provincial Nominee Visa

You haven’t heard about this Canada visa type, right? Well, it’s not new anyways, but since it is not available to everyone, not many people are interested to check out the terms and requirements.

This visa type is given to highly-skilled or influential individuals who have what it takes to grow the economy of a particular province. So, you write a letter to the province, stating your capabilities; the province then sends you an invitation through an Express Entry stem.

You must have relevant professional experience and a CRS score of 400 points or higher to qualify for this visa type.

6. Quebec Visa

This visa type is available to people who hold a Quebec Selection Certificate from the Government of Quebec; the applicant will have to submit a complete permanent residence application and police certificates. Well, this visa type isn’t so easy to get, so many applicants ignore it and go for the very easy ones.

7. Business Immigration

If you intend to go to Canada for business, this is the best route to take. It is available in two categories: Self-Employed and Start-Up. Canada embraces startup founders and potential self-employed individuals (entrepreneurs). This visa category is for business-minded individuals that hope to do business in Canada.

There are Self-employed Persons Programs that allow qualified individuals to obtain Canada permanent residence as self-employed persons. Of course, there are similar programs for Start-Up founders. The Start-Up visa is easily given to innovational entrepreneurs that can create jobs for Canadians and compete on a global scale.

8. Refugee Immigration

Canada welcomes refugees with open arms and helps them in the best ways possible. There are quite different ways to go about this visa entry type. You can also apply to seek asylum through this visa type. Resources that detail the entire process and requirements are well-listed on the Canadian immigration website.

9. Temporary Work Permit

You can get into Canada as a worker with a temporary visa. But as the name implies, it is temporary, you have to renew the visa whenever it’s approaching the expiration date. There are millions of people who have immigrated to Canada through this channel. They get in with a temporary visa, then keep renewing it until they qualify for permanent residency.

This is different from study visas, which are also temporary. With this visa, you can work in Canadian firms and earn a living. There are different programs through which you can obtain this visa type and immigrate to Canada within the shortest time possible. A Canadian employer can get this visa for you if they want you to with them.

10. Agri-Food Pilot

This is a type of visa issued to you through an employer that does business in Canada. At the moment, Agri-Food companies are the hot cakes. The Agri-Food Pilot helps address the labor needs of the Canadian agri-food sector. You can easily get Canada PR through this visa program, but it is seasonal.


These are the ten verified ways for you to get into Canada as an immigrant pretty easily. Each has special requirements, you should look out for the requirements and go for the ones you qualify for. Interestingly, there are several job opportunities for immigrants in Canada, including certificate-free jobs.