Can a Student Visa Work in Canada (Can International Students Work in Canada?)

Canada is a notable country not just recognized for its beauty but its appeal to international students. Their advancement in teaching standards and practical programs are a few reasons international students desire to study and work in Canada.  

A Canadian student visa allows you to gain entry to study and work in Canada since it combines a visitor visa and study permit. It permits you to stay temporarily or permanently (if you meet the Canadian immigration requirement) and study & work in Canada.

Key Takeaways

Canadian student visas are crucial documents that combine visitor visas and study permits, making them valid for international students to study and work in Canada.  You can find jobs on your campus, off-campus, and co-op to make additional capital. 

Also, you can apply for this visa online or go to the organization by submitting supporting certificates like valid credentials, medical exams, etc. These requirements confirm your qualification for earning a Canadian student visa which lasts for an additional 90 days after completing your courses.

Can International Students Work in Canada?

Yes, studying in Canada permits International students to work in Canada, helping them make money to cover costs. International students can get jobs and work 20 hours weekly as part-time and full-time when on a college vacation. This advantage encourages them to explore new connections, people, and experiences. 

Also, you don’t require a work permit as you can inform an immigration officer of your goal to work in Canada while studying so they can add your eligibility to work in your study permit. International students that meet the Canadian immigration requirements are eligible for these job types: 

On-campus work

International students are qualified to work on campus provided they possess a credible study permit allowing them to accept employment anywhere on their school premises. However, they must be full-time students and can work for any number of hours corresponding to the provincial labor standards.

Off-campus work

International students can work off-campus if they own a credible study permit. However, they must be full-time students of colleges and expert training courses that result in degrees. 

Co-op Students

International students learning a co-op-related course and IT programs in their curriculum must have a co-op employment authorization.  CPT permits international students with F-1 visas to participate in Canadian jobs but should visit International service centers to understand the requirements for application.

Canada Student Visa Requirements 

Some supporting documents to submit after form completions are:

  • A passport scan for authentication
  • Letters from your state’s police as evidence of your clean criminal file
  • A letter explaining to the Canadian government your reasons for applying for a Canadian student visa
  • Two valid photographs the Canadian photography requirement approves 
  • Medical examinations
  • Your education level through a certificate 
  • Evidence of your capability to meet the costs of studying in Canada
  • A letter stating your reasons for studying in Canada and assurance you agree and comprehend your duties as a Canadian student
  • You must present an English Language proficiency examination score and TOEFL, IELTS, etc., are okay. 

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Nonfirst-timers must add a study permit statement number from government-sent letters. Every document must be in English or French, and there must be an indication of accurate translation.

How to Apply for a Canadian Student Visa

Some measures to follow to receive a Canadian student visa are:

  • Apply to your desired Canadian university and procure an admission letter.
  • Confirm if you need to apply for a student visa, as some people have the advantage of studying and working in Canada without a student visa. 
  • After these two steps, start your application online or in person and provide the necessary documents. A student visa lasts for an extra 90 days after the duration of your program, so you can decide to opt for permanent residence in Canada or leave. 
  • Canada has language conditions and hence requests proof of your English knowledge.
  • Biometric appointments and interviews, which costs $85, are a requirement but differ ethnically.


You can only study and work in Canada if you have a student visa, so it is necessary to apply for one early since it takes up to 90days on estimation. International students with Canadian student visas get to experience good education, visit beautiful places and gather more experience. Meeting the student visa requirements grants you eligibility for a student visa application.