How To Pass the ACT Without Studying? 2022 Tips

Many high school students have always been wary of the ACT. The reason is that these test results are crucial in determining your college admission; many students become anxious as the exam day approaches. Regardless, even without studying, it is possible to pass the ACT.

If you want to take the ACT without doing any reading or revision, your guessing abilities will need to be at their peak. 

Key Takeaway

The ACT is an annual exam given to junior and senior high school students. This exam is given nationwide and is used to assess pupils’ IQ and academic abilities in the United States.

It is difficult, but not impossible, to pass the ACT without studying. Threading this road would necessitate you to perfect your guessing skill. You would also need to make mental and physical preparations. Starting with your favorite subject is a terrific approach to getting into the appropriate frame of mind.

If a question is complex or ambiguous, skip it for the time being and return to it later.

How Do You Pass The ACT Without Studying?

Studying for the ACT is always recommended. Illness, incapacity, laxity, or an extremely tight schedule may be the reasons for one’s inability to study.

Nonetheless, you can follow the following guideline to help improve your scores:

Be mentally prepared

If you have studied extensively for your ACT, the last thing you’d want to do is worsen the situation with unnecessary anxiety and nervousness. 

Get a clear head as this improves your guessing abilities (which you need at this point), but it also enhances your retentive memory. It would be best to have a light breakfast because you won’t be reading.

Also, it would help if you didn’t stay up all night on your phone since you won’t be reading. Make sure you get at least 8/9 hours of sleep the night before. It is preferable to avoid intensive activities on the day of your exam. 

Guess Away; Leave no stone unturned.

Please, no matter what happens, don’t leave any questions unanswered. Because they are multiple-choice objective questions, try to shade at least one option for each.

There is no penalty for a wrongly predicted response, but a correct answer earns you a point. You might get lucky and get up to 25 correct answers. Though the ACT exam is not a pass/fail exam, you will undoubtedly desire more answers.

A better score boosts your chances of being accepted to a prestigious college.

Be very wary of the No-Change-Answers.

The No-Change response option often appears in the ACT’s English section. And it is frequently a very enticing option to select. However, do not conclude that the other possible selections include a mistake.

If the answers are identical or do not seem to suit the question, you can skip to the next question and return to the last. It would help if you didn’t waste half your time figuring out the correct answer.

Begin with your favorite subject!

Go straight to your favorite topic to get the test started on the right foot. Starting with a random subject may taint your tone, especially if the questions aren’t basic or easy to predict.

Most students start with English, but if Science is your strong suit, you should begin with it.

Is It Possible to Cheat on the ACT?

It is nearly hard to access the exam questions before the exam commences. The only way to cheat would be to steal answers from someone else’s paper or to communicate during the exam. These practices, however, are strictly banned.

If you are detected, officials may confiscate your total exam score after the exam. Though knowledge of your cheating would not reach the college, you wish to apply. It would also be of no effect on your resume. You would also be permitted to repeat the exam the following year.

Exam invigilation is always a challenge. Supervisors are always on the go; you have a slight possibility of getting away with cheating. Furthermore, you’d need a lot of guts and planning before considering this action.

Cheating on the ACT should never be a resolve for you.

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Failure to study for the ACT does not always end well. However, you may improve your scores by following the suggestions outlined above.

The reality remains that acing the ACT can only be ensured through diligent hours of preparation before the exam. Moreover, because the ACT is a recurring exam, being acquainted with the test structure is the simplest way to perform well.