Jamb Result Checker Portal Login 2022/2023

The Joint Admission And Matriculation Board (Jamb) is responsible for qualifying Nigerian students for the university. The body sets an exam that every Nigerian student who has just written their SSCE exams takes. 

In rarer or not cases, students already in one form of a tertiary institution switch with a direct entry to another. All of these are done with the jamb results uploaded on the portal by the Jamb official(s) responsible.

Key Takeaways: Jamb Result Checker

The Jamb result portal is a web medium where candidates who have sat for the Jamb examinations view their results. Your login is usually your jamb registration number, registered phone number, or email address. 

To check your jamb results, follow these easy steps: 

  1. Visit the Jamb portal website on your browser.
  1. Click on the print result slip.
  1. Type all of the essential information you’re required to upload. 

Your jamb results will appear once the information loads. 

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Jamb Result Checker

Benefits of Jamb Result Checker Portal 

After taking the Jamb examinations, you don’t have to go in person to check your results. Aside from this advantage, there are many other benefits of using the Jamb result checker portal, and they are:

The Jamb result checker portal simplified everything for its candidates so they can check their results online after its release without stress. 

You’re not charged for checking your results on the jamb result check portal except if you want to make a hard copy of your results which means you’ll have to pay a thousand naira. Also, you don’t require verification digits, which become ineffective after a five-time usage.

Another benefit of the online portal is that it allows you to check your results offline through SMS. You only need to send a message to the number 55019 only for N50. A note to remember is to ensure you have enough balance on your mobile device and use the exact sim card used initially to register for the Jamb.

There are two different Jamb sites, and they serve different purposes. (www.jamb.org.ng and Jamb.gov.ng). The former is a site for viewing your admission status, printing your approval letter to study in a specific academic institute, making another copy of your examination document, correcting inaccurate information, etc. 

On the other hand, the latter is a news update site. You’ll find Jamb-related data daily, contact Jamb’s customer support and process your admission. 

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Methods of Checking Jamb Results

The SMS method

Confirm to only use the exact SIM card as the one you used to register for the Jamb initially, as a different SIM serves no purpose. 

  • You can load any amount more than N50 on your phone just in case, but to be clear, the results charge is only N50.
  • Load at least N50 on it.
  • Type ”UTMERESULT as a message and send it to 55019
  • It costs N50; hence a fee will be deducted. 
  • Wait some minutes for a message containing your results according to each subject you wrote and the total. 

Many Jamb candidates consider this first method the easiest, but it won’t work if you lose your Jamb registration SIM. A preferable solution is to consult your SIM company in any branch near you and do a welcome back for your SIM card or follow another result checking strategy. 

The online checking method

You will need your Jamb REG number, email, and phone address used previously during registration to check your Jamb result. Here’s how to go about it:

  • Go to Jamb’s home page and select the option that says you can check your results here or go to the portal directly.
  • You’ll be asked to fill in the empty sections with specified titles like Jamb Reg number or your email or contact number.
  • Select the ”check result option
  • A page will load displaying your results, after which you can print a copy of it. Please note that the site could be temporarily inaccessible when information is being uploaded or related stuff, so don’t worry. 

Log in to your JAMB Account

  • Log in to your profile on the Jamb site via the efacility page or portal website.
  • You’ll also be using your pre-set email address and password to enter.
  • Look for the ”view result” field and tap on it to load.
  • Make an Original copy of the Jamb results online. Jamb results contrast with the original one in quality and cost. You guessed right; the Original Jamb result has colors, and the fee is N1,700 while the other costs N200.

Retrieving or Changing Jamb Password

Most candidates have lost their Jamb password, but fortunately, you can retrieve it yourself or with help from the Jamb Support team. The first step is through your email, where you receive a profile creation message that contains your password.

Secondly, you can change or retrieve your password from Jamb’s website after logging in from a password reset link. You can then change your password; that’s the end. Finally, you can ask for help from Jamb’s support team, and they’ll send you instructions on what to do.


Jamb candidates are consistently eager to view their Jamb results, and the Jamb result checker portal makes the entire process effortless. You can check it from home or anywhere without visiting a cyber café except if you want to make a copy. You don’t need much balance on your phone to check your results or accurate info to access the details you originally used when registering for Jamb.