List of Scholarships in the Philippines

The Philippines is an Asian country with a remarkable quality of education at all levels of study. The country has English as its official language and mode of communication; therefore, English speakers can easily adapt. Moreover, it boasts of a rich combination of cultures and versatility of knowledge. As such, many students wish to study here.

Though tuition fees in the Philippines are affordable, studying takes a lot more. Travel expenses, study materials, living costs, and other fees. In this regard, a scholarship to study in the Philippines is a heavenly opportunity many students seek to jump onboard. Luckily, there are many scholarships available in the Philippines.

Key Takeaways

The Philippines is a desirable place to live, study, and eventually work if you decide. The country has a welcoming environment with a competent educational sector. But, as is common, nothing good comes without a price, and the price of education is too heavy for some to handle. 

However, the good news for those in need of financial aid is that there are many scholarship programs to help them. You can find your way through school and probably be the Aristotle of our time with these. You can apply for these scholarships and begin your walk to glory!

Scholarships Programs for Students in the Philippines 

The scholarships in this country abound; therefore, we cannot possibly cover all of them in this piece. If this piece doesn’t include what you are searching for, please search the net for more. However, we shall talk about some of the scholarships below.

Commission on Higher Education Scholarship

The CHED scholarship offers grants and scholarships to students in need of financial aid. The scholarship focuses mainly on private colleges and universities. Other than tuition fees, this scholarship has many other financial benefits attached to ensure a smooth learning process for its chosen candidates.

Department of Science and Technology Scholarship

This scholarship is for students pursuing a degree in either the sciences or technological-related courses. Successful candidates of this program receive a cumulative annual sum of PHP 80,000- PHP 120,000 as a monetary study aid.

Government Service Insurance System Scholarship

This scholarship is part of a program of GSIS to subsidize the cost of education for Filipino students.

Megaworld Foundation Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded based on academic merit to bright minds. To qualify, one has to be educationally sound and smart. Handpicked students benefit from a yearly allowance and full tuition fees alongside a job opportunity with any company under the umbrella of the Megaworld foundation.

Other scholarships include:

  • National Academy of Sports Scholarship
  • OWWA (Overseas Workers Welfare Administration) Education for Development Scholarship (EDSP)
  • Asian Development Bank’s Japan Scholarship
  • Engineering Research and Development for Technology Scholarship
  • Advanced Degrees for Accelerating Strategic Space R&D Applications Scholarship.

Requirements for Scholarships in the Philippines 

The criteria for scholarships vary from one sponsor to another. Therefore, I shall organize them according to the scholarship.

CHED Requirements

  • You have to be enrolled in a renowned educational institution to qualify for this.
  • You should also have evidence of high school graduation.
  • All your academic documentation and testimonials should be available within reach.
  • A document to certify the means of income for either you or your parents.

DOST Requirements

  • You must be well-behaved and have the ability to maintain cordial relations.
  • You should be medically fit 
  • You have to pass the S and T scholarship exam
  • Certificate of residency 
  • Birth certificate to prove that you’re a Filipino by birth

GSIS Requirements

  • Birth certificate
  • Certificate to show registration of grades
  • Parents’ certificate of employment or service record
  • You must be free from loans
  • You must have admission for a four or five-year course in any CHED-approved institution.

Megaworld Foundation Requirements

  • Admission letter
  • Enrollment letter
  • Income tax returns
  • A copy of any utility bill
  • NBI clearance


Many scholarship programs can assist you if educational sponsorship is a challenge for you. The thing is, you need to qualify for financial aid. Whether you’re a local or an international student in the Philippines, a sponsor is willing to fund your study. 

As you aim to attain a degree, reach for the skies and don’t let anything stop you. Do this with the confidence that things won’t go awry by gaining a scholarship to facilitate your study. In the end, you can triumph successfully and make your family proud with a stellar certification.