Study Abroad Essentials: What You Need To Make Your Travel/Migration Easy

Moving away to an alien country, especially for studies, can be quite stressful. You begin to have to deal with packing, and not just packing, but packing the important stuff. 

When moving to a new place, you have to be sure you’re not missing anything you’ll need. That shouldn’t be a problem as this article is packed with all the essentials you need when going to study abroad. 

Key takeaway

However you try to put it, going to study in a foreign country will never be like studying within your country. If you’re within your country, you could always have essentials delivered to you when you need them. 

It’s not so with countries abroad so when going abroad ensure to pack up a few necessities like your medical reports and prescriptions, passport and visa, some of that country’s local currency e.t.c. 

Top 5 Essentials For Studying Abroad

If you’re to pack abroad for studies, then ensure you carry the following items along: 

International Passport(s) And Required Visa 

If you’re leaving your country for an alien one, the first thing you need with you is your international passport. Your passport validates that your journey is legal. This document will be needed right from your home airport, until the very last immigration check on your arrival. 

Without a passport, you can’t apply for a visa and without a visa, no foreign country will accept you. So this is essential number one. 

Also, ensure you pack up every other document you will be needing for your school. 

Medical Reports And Prescriptions

Many foreign countries have strict drug policies, so if you’re on any meds, have your report. Your signed and authorized medical reports will not only save you from trouble, but it’ll also aid you to buy your meds abroad. 

So if you suffer any terminal illness, be sure you can continue to get your meds abroad with your report. Even if you do not suffer any terminal illness, your medical reports will help with treatment whenever you fall sick. 

Country’s Local Currency

Carrying the local currency of the country you’re going to, will come in handy. This is essential for when you arrive at the airport and need to get a hotel or apartment. 

If however, hotels receive other currencies, taxi drivers and other locals you meet won’t. 

You can get the country’s currency from the finance bureaus in your own country. If it’s a popular country, you can get the currency at your banks. In some countries, their currency is sold at the airport where you arrive. This way, you can change whichever money you have and go on with your activities. 

Weather-suitable Clothing 

Another very essential thing to pack when traveling abroad is their weather-suitable clothes. Before you travel, ensure to find out what season of the year it is over there. 

You do not want to arrive in a tan-top when it’s winter and snowing terribly. You also do not want to arrive in thick clothes when the weather is boiling. 

So make research, and pack according to weather and climate conditions abroad. 

Power Bank / Adapter And Your Device Chargers 

Another essential thing to pack when traveling abroad is an extra power source for your important devices. Since you do not know the electricity condition and cost where you’re headed, you should play safe. 

Portable power banks are the easiest to carry around so you can at least recharge your phone. 

If you pack all these things with you, you’re sure to have free travel and your first few days will be stress-free.

A list of other miscellaneous you should carry around include: 

  • Travel toiletries. These include portable towels, sponges, soap, eye covers, and cream tubes.
  • Face masks. 
  • Hand sanitizer.
  • Pack up your comfortable clothes but ensure they match the culture of the people abroad. 


Before you move to study abroad, you have to be sure you pack properly so you don’t lack. After packing your essentials and you still have some more space, then you can pack miscellaneous. 

Always remember that packing up extra luggage will attract more charges at the airport. For anything you don’t need at that moment, you can buy them when you arrive at your destination. 

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