Truck Driver jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

Do you want to take a paid trip across the world? Are you a truck driver seeking truck driver jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship? Consequently, you are in luck as truck driving is currently one of the professions in high demand in Canada.

Truck drivers are essential to the cargo and transportation industries’ ability to operate profitably. Additionally, Canada accepts truck drivers with a clean driving record and two years of Gulf experience. The Canadian government has also been supportive of all these developments because it grants work visas to qualified foreign workers who want to work as truck drivers there.

The detailed procedures that describe how to become a truck driver in Canada are highlighted in this article, along with the appropriate programs to provide you and your family the jumpstart you need to live and work in Canada.

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Requirements for Truck driver jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship

These are the requirements for obtaining a position as a truck driver in Canada. This will assist you in understanding what is necessary to obtain truck driver jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship.

  • Most often, secondary school completion is necessary.
  • There is on-the-job training available.
  • It may be necessary to complete a three-month accredited driver education program at a community college or vocational institution.
  • A Class 3 or D license is required to drive straight-body trucks.
  • A Class 1 or A license is required to drive long combination vehicles.
  • Drivers who operate cars with air brakes need to have the air brake endorsement (Z).
  • Drivers who transport hazardous materials or dangerous goods must be certified in the transportation of dangerous goods (TDG).
  • To operate articulated vehicles, additional endorsements or certifications may be needed.
  • Safety and Security: A medical exam, a drug test, a criminal background check, a driving record check (abstract), and a basic security clearance are all necessary.
  • Information on travel and transportation: able and willing to travel across both Canada and the US.
  • willing to travel for extended periods and to travel during the day, evening, or night, including on overnight journeys.
  • Other: Applicants must be able to work legally in Canada and be ready to operate long-haul trucks as part of a two-person team.

Please be aware that each province may have different standards, and your eligibility will depend on either your lack of the necessary abilities or the regulations of the jurisdiction. it is best if you first determine whether the profession is regulated in the province of choice before applying.

Skills required for Truck Driver jobs in Canada with Visa Sponsorship

  • Ability to drive straight or articulated trucks for the transportation of goods and supplies is required.
    Tarping, loading, and unloading of cargo, and ensuring the security and safety of the cargo
  • The ability to schedule and arrange your trips.
  • You should be able to plan your trip using atlases and other planning resources.
  • Gather data and provide it to the central dispatcher.
  • The capacity to operate a vehicle as a two-person squad or in a convoy.
  • Additionally, you must be able to check the tires, lights, brakes, cold storage, and other components of the car and assess its condition.

Duties of Truck Drivers in Canada

  • Deliver items to customers over large distances.
  • Pick up supplies and commodities, check loads for accuracy, and then deliver.
  • Transportation between the United States and Canada.
  • Pack and unpack the cargo.
  • Keep a record of the cargo shipping.
  • Fuel and a spotless car.
  • Inform the dispatcher of any traffic issues.
  • Observe the traffic laws.
  • inspect trucks and note any issues.
  • Observe accident protocols.

How much do Truck drivers earn in Canada?

In Canada, transport truck drivers (NOC 7511) typically make between $16.00 and $33.08 per hour. This group includes those who have the position of “truck driver.” The table below shows truck drivers’ salaries as per the Canadian provinces, according to Canada Job Bank.

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Immigration Program available for Truck driver jobs in Canada

If you satisfy the requirements for the truck driver job you are applying for. The next thing you should do is research the truck driving programs that are offered.

The following programs are offered to truck drivers who want to reside and work in Canada:

1. The Express Entry System:

This online system, which is based on points, offers three immigration alternatives that are quite flexible in terms of meeting the demands and conditions of immigrants.

The most qualified individuals will be sent an Invitation To Apply (ITA) before they can submit a direct application to the Express Entry programs. The programs included in the Express Entry system are listed below:

  • Canadian Experience Class
  • Federal Skilled Program
  • Federal Skilled Trades Program

2. Provincial Nomination Provincial (PNP):

In this program, foreign individuals who want to work as truck drivers in Canada must prove that they have the necessary education, training, and work experience.

Your chances of being nominated for the PNP will rely on the province’s need for qualified workers since this program is province-specific. Additionally, before making a choice, we implore candidates to confirm the existence of work opportunities.

There are two ways to apply for the PNP as a truck driver:

  • Get in touch with the province that has an Express Entry stream that you want to be nominated from. The province will nominate you if your skills match, and you should then create an Express Entry profile, if you don’t already have one, to indicate that you have been nominated. Your account will be used to electronically submit the nomination.
  • Make an Express Entry profile in which you specify the provinces or territories from which you would like a nomination. If you receive a notification of interest, you can apply to the province’s stream directly by getting in touch with them. Your account will be used to electronically submit the nomination.

3. Temporary Foreign Worker Program (TFWP):

Employers in Canada can use this initiative, which is employer-driven, to hire foreigners who can meet the region’s talent deficit. Employers are urged to first look locally in Canada for talent before looking abroad to meet the labor shortage.

A Labor Market Impact Assessment (LMIA), which demonstrates that your employer is permitted to hire an immigrant as a temporary foreign worker, may be required of foreign employees who are successful under this program.

How to apply for truck driver jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship

Once you have confirmed your eligibility for the program and position you are applying for. Now, regardless of the program you select, follow the steps below to apply for your truck driver job:

  • Locate your NOC (truck drivers: NOC 7511)
  • Check Your Eligibility
  • Locate Employment and Acquire a Job Offer
  • Determine the sort of work permit that is necessary
  • Compile all supporting documentation and complete all fields.

To find Truck driving jobs in Canada with visa sponsorship check Job bank Canada for truck driving positions available for temporary foreign workers.