Best Central American Country to Live In 2022

Central America is a beautiful southernmost region in North America consisting of seven countries where more of its population speaks Spanish. Central America is home to varieties of fascinating areas and attractive sites in the world you’d love to explore.

Its beautiful white sand coasts, surfing opportunities, glorious waterfalls, etc., are only the tip of the iceberg. 

With all these beauties in Central America, finding the best country to live in may be overwhelming, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one.

The best central American country to live in currently is Ambergris Caye, Belize. It’s sweetly tagged the “beach-lovers paradise” due to a plentitude of beaches. 

Key Takeaways

Central America is a prominent multilingual region in North America with seven countries and Spanish being the most spoken language. However, Belize is considered the best Central American country to live in due to its beautiful areas, tasty cuisines, archaeological sites, and wildlife reserves. 

There are several advantages to choosing Central America as a residency location varying from the affordable living expenses to cheap transportation, waterfalls, etc.

Reasons Why Belize Is the Best Central American Country to Live In

Belize is the best central American country to live in, and for good reasons. Below are a few reasons why many consider it a hidden gem.

Archaeological sites

Belize is surrounded by well-maintained temples and caves, with Caracol as a vast and widely explored site housing the Caana pyramid in the center. Additionally, there is a Xunantunich archaeological site in the cayo district with wonderful sophisticated hand carvings.

Another precious gem in Belize is the Actun Tunichil Muknal cave. It is so popular and captivating that visitors love to go there.


Belize has 28% safeguarded territory making it secure for rare wildlife. Birders can sight unseen arboreal breeds like the jabiru, egrets, etc., at the Mountain Pine Ridge.

Also, their renowned wildlife reserve is the world’s first jaguar reserve, offering chances to take in scenic sights.

Barrier reef

The several clean water bodies in Belize don’t just qualify it as the best Central American country to live in but one of the top spots to engage in sea diving recreations.

Next, Belize is home to the famous “Great Blue Hole”— a deep blue hole many consider holy due to its uniqueness. You can always admire it on an airplane from the sky if you’re not a diver.

Food and drink

There are many mouth-watering cuisines in Belize, ranging from Rice and beans with chicken stew to the Garifuna dish Hudut and many more. You can agree that hanging out at night with friends having their fine rum and tasty dishes is one fun way to end the day.

They speak English 

Central America’s majority of residents speak Spanish, but you need not worry about this in Belize. This English language benefit makes communication and traveling easier.


Belize is undoubtedly the best Central American country for adventure lovers as you get to explore many caves and islands. Also, the weather is conducive enough to support pleasure.

Reasons Why You Will Enjoy Living in Central America

Affordable traveling costs

Central America is one region where you need not worry about expensive budgets as it is affordable to move around. Although costs vary depending on the country you decide to stay in, nothing too costly.

Cheap Transport

Bus traveling is a popular transportation medium in Central America and an affordable means of moving around. These bus rides generally cost from $6-$12.

Affordable accommodation

The housing options attainable in Central America may depend on choice and funding, but you’re sure to find one affordable. And if you’re lucky in ocean view areas, giving you sightseeing opportunities in your comfort.

Beautiful beaches and islands

Central America is one place that fuels your dreams and turns them into reality. If you’re a beach lover, here is your chance to explore different beautiful beaches and islands by swimming or surfing in various Central American countries.

Amazing waterfalls

Breathtaking waterfalls top the list of attraction sites many yearn to explore. Fortunately, central America has many mesmerizing waterfalls but be careful not to lose your balance when walking on these slippery areas. 

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Many aspiring adventure lovers and people searching for a beautiful country to reside in Central America will go for Belize. The attraction to this lovely region is no secret as it houses many stunning places, tasty food, tourist attraction centers, waterfalls, etc.

You can always start by visiting if you have doubts about Belize being the best Central American country for residency. But after your visit and tour, you won’t consider leaving.