Canada Student Visa Processing Time 2022/2023

What are the current Canada student visa processing time? Read on to discover everything you need to know about processing canada visa today.

It is no secret that Canada is a beautiful country with impressive educational achievements and is welcoming to international students. Little wonder there is consistently a steady increase in international students studying or aspiring to study there. 

But before an international student can gain entry into Canada, they need a Canadian visa. Due to this high number of student visas, many applicants feel anxious to discover the Canadian student visa processing time. The processing time approximately lasts for three or four weeks but varies depending on many factors.

Key Takeaways: Canada Student Visa Processing Time

Canadian student visas are compulsory for all international students who study longer courses only in designated academic institutes. The Canadian student processing time could take three months, less or more depending on if you reply instantly to the immigration authorities’ questions, have a criminal history, etc.

And like all visas, you need to submit the required documents and can apply only online unless you fall under the exemption category. Finally, you can verify if you’ve been accepted online, via the approval stamp on your passport or by asking your intermediary.

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What Is a Student Visa?

Student visas are a legal endorsement that allows international students to study in another country. Canada refers to student visas as a “Study Permit” because that is what it does. It permits a student to study in an international region. But they can only learn in academic institutes the Canadian government approves. 

It is common knowledge to understand the duration before getting your student visa, even before applying. Knowing this makes the entire process convenient for you as you don’t need to panic. As mentioned earlier, the duration of this processing could last a month or less, depending on some factors. The elements affecting the visa processing period are:

  • The category of petition you sent
  • Inserting correct data in the application form
  • Providing the necessary supplementary documents
  • The volume of unfinished tasks the visa center officials have
  • It depends on how instantly you reply to any questions and petitions the immigration authorities request.
  • Aspiring students with a former criminal record will experience a setback in their application duration.
  • A travel prohibition due to the ongoing pandemic during your visa application period.
  • Changes in governmental powers also impact the duration of your visa petition.

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Document Required for Canadian Student Visa

  • A passport that fits the Canadian visa requirement with sufficient validity
  • An acceptance letter from the Canadian institute you wish to study at.
  • Evidence of sufficient funds
  • A compulsory immigration medical exam
  • All Canada student visa applicants must take an English proficiency test.
  • A statement of purpose containing your reason for going to Canada and why you chose that specific Canadian university.

How to Apply for a Canadian Visa

All aspiring Canadian students must apply online for their visa, excluding those with disabilities that hinder them or have traveling papers for refugees, foreign residents, etc.

Applying Outside Canada Online

All Canadian student visa applicants with legal residency in other countries can have their Canadian visa processed faster by applying via the Student Direct Stream.

  • Ensure to have all necessary documents and tools. A scanner to make digital printouts of papers and a credit card for running transactions.
  • Carefully go through the guide for the application form to understand what to do and avoid mistakes.
  • Be prepared to provide accurate responses to the specific questions you’ll be asked.
  • Know the fees you’ll be charged, such as processing fees, medical exams, biometrics, etc.
  • Create an account and keep the data safe, as you’ll be using it to log in every time to make payments or do other work.

Applying Outside Canada on Paper

Before anything, please remember that you’re mandated to submit a note with your application letter. This note informs the visa center of your eligibility for an offline application.

  • Obtain the visa application page as it contains a guide and all forms you should fill out.
  • Complete the forms in the application and ensure to attach vital documents to it.
  • Finally, pay all the application fees.

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How To Know Your Canadian Student Visa Is Endorsed

Confirm online

Sign in to your EE profile to verify that you were sent an email stating your visa has been approved.

Go through your passport.

Applicants who send their applications will have to exercise patience until they receive their passports. After that, they can check the inside to see if there’s an approval stamp.

Ask your visa mediator.

Consultants are intermediaries between Immigration officials and aspiring students. So it’s only right they receive the information first and give you more information, including if your visa is approved.

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Applying for the Canadian visa at least three months before the September to December intake is best. The reason is that many Canadian universities accept applications during that period. Although the time for a Canadian visa processing varies, it is a cycle of around 12 weeks or 90. Ensure to have your documents ready and only fill out the accurate answers to make your processing time shorter and smooth.