Canada Visa Application in Nigeria 2022/2023

Here’s the information you need regarding Canada Visa Application in Nigeria if you plan to emigrate to the North American country.

Canada is a lovely, bilingual country in North America well known for its delightful sites, unique culture, and tasty cuisines. It is a place every Nigerian would love to visit as a tourist, start up a business, or even study. 

But before being able to travel to this country, you’ll need a Canadian visa for whichever purpose you have of going to Canada as a Nigerian. And you’ll have to be eligible by providing every required vital document.

Key Takeaways

Canada is a well-known international country very welcoming to foreigners, so any Nigerian can visit there but only with a visa. Hence, you have to submit all necessary documents like passports, bank statements, travel plans, etc. 

You can perform a Canadian visa paper application in Abuja or Lagos submission centers. Or you could spare yourself the stress and service fees and apply online at VFS Global. But remember that payments vary depending on your visa type, and so does the processing time.

Canada Visa Application in Nigeria

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Required Documents for Canadian Visa Application in Nigeria

Per the norms, you have to submit some documents when applying for Canadian visas in Nigeria, and these documents include:

  • A clear passport photograph with a minimum of six months’ validity
  • Passport (Valid for at least six months)
  • Copy the Canadian checklist to your mobile device or PC and insert the accurate data according to the title.
  • Provide two photos taken in a colored setting
  • A receipt to serve as the confirmation of your visa application payment and the biometric payment if needed.
  • Provide a current statement from your Nigerian bank that states you have enough money to last you for your trip with a maximum of three-month validity.
  • A precise travel plan and a duplicate of your flight reservation
  • If necessary, have a current medical report.
  • Prior passports containing visa pages
  • Present your marriage certificate if you’re married
  • If you’re going to Canada to visit a family or friend, you’ll have to present an invitation letter from them.
  • Evidence of relations to Nigeria like an employment letter 
  • Individuals below 18 years traveling to Canada must present an authorization letter with the signature of both parents or any legal adult they stay with. If the minor goes to Canada with one parent, the other parent must also give an authorization letter with their signature.

How To Apply For Canadian Visa In Nigeria

You can apply for a Canadian visa application in Nigeria online or at their Nigerian center.

Paper Application

  • Add a copy of the Canada Checklist and other necessary forms to your mobile device or desktop.
  • Correctly insert the necessary info in designated areas of the application form and make a printed copy of it.
  • Ask for the VFS consent form and input your data. VFS is just like an intermediary between the Canadian embassy and applicants, and they’re authorized to accept applications.
  • Make an online or cash payment for your visa fee at the submission center.
  • Present your Canada visa application at Nigeria’s Canadian visa submission center for a paper application.
  • Applicants who choose the offline process must pay a service charge. After that, you’ll be given a receipt containing personal tracking digits to enable you to keep tabs on your online application.

Online application

The online application is the best alternative for applicants who wish to complete this process without stress or service fee payments and tiring paperwork. You can submit your online application here.

You only have to send your Scan and your documents online. After that, take a printout of the application, which is mandatory after making payments. Further to the previously mentioned required documents, applicants using the online method must bring their duplicate data pages, appointment documents, and biometric letters. These documents serve as evidence of completing all requirements and payment of the biometrics.

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Canadian Visa Fee and Processing Time

You cannot get a refund after a Canadian visa application fees, and the biometrics charge is excluded from the visa types we’ll mention.

  • A student visa with extensions costs $150, which is around N62,000.
  • A Canadian work visa, including extensions, costs $155, which is around N64,000.
  • A work visa fee for performing artists and their colleagues costs $100, around N41,500.
  • For one-time entry or multiple entries, a Canadian visa is $100 and N41,500.
  • A family Canadian visitor visa is $500 and costs N194,000.
  • Lastly, a visitor record with extensions is $75 and costs around N31,000.

The Canadian officials need quite some time to conclude if you should receive a visa or not. But often, the duration depends on what permit you’re applying for and backlogs. Obtaining your Canadian visa could last four months or three. The states with Canadian submission centers you can make a Canadian visa application in Nigeria are Abuja and Lagos.


Many Nigerians would love to visit Canada due to its fame and beauty. It could be just to explore or maybe study. Regardless of their reason, they can apply for a Canadian visa in Nigeria at the submission center or online. And while the cost for these visas varies, it greatly depends on their family size or career.