Can Student Visas Buy Property in Australia?

Schooling abroad doesn’t just allow International students to gain better education than some of their countries can provide but will enable them to explore the country and even make purchases. Buying properties is a good investment for students.

Fortunately, International students can purchase property in Australia with a student visa, following the FIRB criteria. Again, many Australian banks permit students to take loans to acquire properties.

Key Takeaways

International students don’t only desire to study abroad but also like to acquire properties. Fortunately, international students can buy property in Australia with a student visa but must follow the FIBR instructions.

Buying Australian properties is a good option as they have stable prices and experience consistent growth, to mention a few. However, this choice is challenging for students as they have to deal with debts, earnings, and balance responsibilities.

Problems Students Face in Buying Properties

Buying property in Australia with a student visa is possible. Unfortunately, it comes with challenges.


Income influences your debt to income ratio and is a challenge to many students as it determines your finance and capability to afford a property in Australia. Generally, international students can work 20 hours weekly, and in most cases, the income is not significant.


Debt is a well-known destroyer of plans as it leaves you with many expenses to settle and almost no funds in the end. Having debts to pay plus arranging money to buy property in Australia with a student visa is challenging as your student salary is not substantial. Still, there are expenses to settle.


Saving money to buy property in Australia with a student visa comes with many expenses, especially for houses. But here are a few things to save funds for:

Down payment

Students wishing to buy house properties can find an appropriate loan to manage and rent some units while they take one. Renting a few house units out is a source of income and can help them cover costs and loans in due time. The down payment fee varies from 3% to -20%.


It is wise to save up funds for house maintenance at least from 1% to 3% yearly. However, this routine depends on the situation of your property and how long it has lasted.

Homeowners insurance

People who go for house properties need to have this insurance type to help them cover expenses in home damage cases. Home insurance is part of the fees you pay per month in escrow to simplify the process.

Property taxes

Taxes are everyday payments everyone generally understands settling, and properties are no different. It depends on your home’s worth, and this value influences its increase or decrease.


Owning a house as a student is a ton of responsibility. Regardless of whether you reside independently, a mortgage is a costly expense that you must ensure to be confident of handling. Balancing your student life and property ownership responsibilities doesn’t come easy.

Reasons Australia Is an Excellent Place to Buy Properties

Some reasons students choose to buy property in Australia include:


Statistics confirm that Australian properties have stable fees, and even as many countries experience substantial property crises, it is rare in Australia. Many countries that experience this problem incur losses to themselves and buyers. No student would surely want such a loss, mainly if they took out a loan, making Australia a better pick.

Constant development performance

Australia is well-known for its continuous growth over the past century, and property rates increase on estimates every seven to ten years. The population in Australia seems to be rising due to high rates of immigration and career opportunities resulting in house shortages, in turn making houses affordable.

Australia has easy investment strategies.

Most regions have strict policies for international investors or clients, but that isn’t so in Australia. Buying properties in Australia with a citizen isn’t necessary, and there are straightforward steps to follow.

Australia is a fascinating location to reside

Students who decide to buy properties and those wishing to live in Australia make a good decision. Australia is a beautiful country with unique culture and fascinating sites you’ll love to explore.


Students are free to buy properties in Australia with student visas, enabling them to have an investment option to fall back on in the future. They can decide to lease this property out for revenue or reside in them. Either way, having Australian properties is a sensible decision, although some problems arise.