Disadvantages of Studying in Canada for International Students

Canada is a beautiful bilingual country in North America, best known for its top-quality education and cold climate. Due to this, there is an abundance of international students studying in Canada.

Regardless of how fascinating this country is for foreigners, it poses challenges, especially in cultural adaptation, learning French (depending on your area), managing finances, and many more. Canada may be appealing, but it does not exempt it from having disadvantages. 

Key Takeaways

Canada is a place to attain goals for international students by giving them opportunities to expand academically, socially and explore various beautiful regions.

Studying in Canada comes with disadvantages for these international students. Some include expenses, climate adaptation e.t.c

Reasons International Students May Decide Not to Study in Canada

Canada may have evolved as one of the best choices for studying overseas, but it is good to know the cons of studying there as an international student, and here are some.

City life is expensive.

As a student, likely, you don’t have much money on you or even a full-time job for more pay. The cost of essentials and other vital items don’t help matters. Even food, outfits, and electronic devices are not cheap, meaning that living costs are high. 

The reason is that Canada receives massive import fees hence the increase in consumer prices. Also, taxes are higher, and unfortunately, they are not something you can avoid. 

Limited availability of known items

Coming from Africa or another country, you must have a favorite delicacy or brand of product. But Canada has several towns scattered across, making it tough to allocate essential household items to all areas. This problem leaves you with no other choice but to compromise.

Expensive tuition fee

Canadian universities require you to pay $6,000 to $12,000 every semester. Additionally, present a $10,000 proof for a year as evidence of living expenses to show you can handle being there. 

Extreme climate

Several international students come to study in Canada from various countries, hence acquainted with only the seasons they encounter per annum. Contrarily, Canada has four seasons with varying intensities.

It is impossible to imagine Canada without envisioning snow and people dressed in thick clothes. Their winter periods last about six to eight months, plus the additional chill breeze. 

Low acceptance rates of international students to medical schools

If you’ve always desired to study medical courses, Canada is not the place for you because they prohibit International students from doing so. International students hardly ever apply for medical programs there. Although government intervention could be helpful, it only happens in rare cases.


Canada may have a government-funded healthcare facility, but it is expensive for international students as they have no coverage. Regardless, foreigners studying in Canada can receive free medical care if only they enroll in yearly courses. 

However, they have to endure waiting for an extended period for some specific services, mainly if they reside in vast towns. 

Tips on Adapting As an International Student in Canada

Canada may have disadvantages, but it is conceivable to adapt to some challenges no matter how impossible they seem. Some ways to do this include: 

Finding accommodation

With so many accommodations choices, it’s vital to explore offers before arriving to know if an on-campus or off-campus location is suitable for you. You can arrange for this after considering your convenience and finances.

Finding work

Due to Canada’s high living costs, a part-time job will come in handy, and, fortunately, your Canada study permit makes you eligible to work while studying. 20hours weekly for academic sessions and full-time during school breaks helps cover expenses.

Adjustment and prior planning 

Adjusting to this new country may be difficult but getting involved with fellow students and even workmates makes it less overwhelming. You can plan by researching Canadian culture.

Bring winter clothes along.

Canada’s climate is very harsh, so it is crucial to pack thick clothes as they come in handy before you adapt to shopping with Canadian dollars. 

School life

Canada has an international student support team that can assist you with various activities and relate better. It is vital to join this team so they can help you understand some problems you may have. Talking to your teachers and fellow students is likewise helpful. 

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Many people desire to study in Canada remarkably, hence an increased number of international students. However, this does not exempt Canada from having disadvantages for international students. However, prior planning and good research is one easy way to adapt.