Easiest Countries to Get Dual Citizenship in 2022

Several people aspire to become citizens of two different countries as it comes with many benefits. Some countries have more advantages over others, such as favorable opportunities, good living conditions, political stability, and better investment options. 

Getting dual citizenship in these countries enables you to enjoy its additional benefits. Many of them have simple requirements, and some easiest countries to get dual citizenship are Argentina, Paraguay, Italy, Ireland, Dominica, Mexico, etc. 

Key Takeaways

Getting dual citizenship in other countries is beneficial, enabling you to enjoy advantages your country lacks. You can explore various beautiful places in this new country, discover languages, and experience privileges limited to citizens.

Some easy countries to get dual citizenship are Ireland, Dominica, Mexico, etc. Lastly, you gain this second citizenship through conferring, naturalization, descent, and marriage.  

How to Obtain Dual Citizenship

There are quite a number of ways in which one can obtain dual citizenship status. Here are the popular routes to get dual citizenship in foreign countries:

Citizenship by descent

Descent means one’s background in nationality or ancestral citizenship and is one way to become eligible for second citizenship, but sometimes you may not be aware of this.

Some countries like Ireland, Italy, Germany, Israel, Poland, etc., give this citizenship type to individuals who can provide evidence of their ancestral ties to that nationality.

Citizenship by investment 

This citizenship type, or as people call it, economic citizenship, is generally a quick and thorough means to get dual citizenship. A country offers you citizenship six months after an investment in their country or estate purchases, and the price varies, increasing as time goes on.

Citizenship by marriage

Countries like Spain, Portugal, Mexico, The United States, the Netherlands, etc., offer citizenship by marriage. Sometimes, some countries fast-forward the citizenship process for partners with Cape verse, giving citizenship instantly after marriage.

Conferred citizenship

You can get dual citizenship in a foreign country when the head of state grants you a citizenship privilege. It happens primarily due to your valuable abilities or unique conditions but is still a constitutional procedure. 

Citizenship by naturalization 

This citizenship type involves spending time in that territory, creating a legitimate residence period, and following all conditions of the INA. However, it is generally for people who’ve stayed in a country long enough to comprehend a country’s tradition and their duties as a citizen. 

Advantages of Dual Citizenship 

Benefits and privileges

Individuals with dual citizenship obtain benefits and privileges a country gives to its members. You can enter both countries and partake in many activities, even campaigning for political and institutional positions the country permits.

You enjoy many benefits international students and noncitizens lack.

Two passports 

Getting dual citizenship permits the ownership of two passports from both nations. It enables you to move across both countries without experiencing the conventional rigorous processes and questions from customs officials.

This advantage is very beneficial if you have relatives to visit, are a student, or own corporations in both countries.

Property ownership

Some countries limit foreigners from owning lands and allow only their citizens. Getting dual citizenship in two countries enables you to acquire properties there, as possession of private properties is sometimes an additional inexpensive advantage.

Cultural Education

Every country has its history and culture. Having second citizenship in two countries offers you an opportunity to explore different cultures, gain beautiful experiences and even learn a unique language. 


Some countries may sometimes experience social, political, and economic chaos, exposing their citizens to danger. But being a citizen of another stable country acts as a lifesaver at that moment, offering you security. 

Quality of life

Some countries lack high-quality health care facilities, have poor educational standards, and experience a challenging lifestyle. Living in such a country isn’t convenient, and you’ll undoubtedly want to relocate.

Getting dual citizenship in another favorable country enables you to enjoy a better living system and other positive aspects of life. 

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Getting dual citizenship is the first step to take if you’re considering living abroad, as it exposes you to many advantages your country may lack.

There are many ways to get this second citizenship. So you can choose whichever you feel is appropriate for you and decide on a country from other numerous easy countries that offer second citizenship.