List of Scholarships in Canada

Studying abroad is on the to-do list of many students. This is no surprise. The benefits of getting an education in a reputable country are vast and unmatched.

Canada is ranked as the most advanced nation globally. A student who secures a Canadian scholarship has unlimited access to perks such as financial allowance, health care, and diverse exposure. Also, they are exposed to an endless stream of learning opportunities.

As one of the most sought-after countries, it is unsurprising that obtaining a Canadian scholarship necessitates a significant amount of time, work, and worry. 

Key Takeaways

Studying in Canada would require a bit of digging and searching. With so many available scholarship schemes, it’s almost impossible to find one that best suits your needs or criteria.

Some of these scholarships are strictly reserved for international students, while others are available for both national and international students. In addition, the government of some Canadian states, various NGOs and a few of the host universities provide a majority of these scholarships.

Requirements for a Canadian Scholarship 

Before we go into the exhaustive lists of scholarships, let’s go over the prerequisites. It should be noted that different scholarships have different requirements, however,these are the most frequent criteria that are commonly sought.

  • Recommendation letter
  • Show proof of age declaration iii. Show proof of personal essay 
  • Show proof of great achievement 
  • Show proof of financial incapacity
  • Acceptance letter

List Of Scholarships in Canada

Below is an extensive list of all the scholarships available in Canada for both international and national students

Government Scholarships

As part of the Canadian government’s outreach to expand the educational scope of the country, scholarship schemes are made available to students from all across the globe. These students are selected after careful cross-examination. 

Sometimes, the funds are paid directly to the universities while some schemes would forward the funds to students’ accounts. The Canadian government is extremely generous when it comes to scholarships slots; millions of students are chosen from across the globe to benefit from any of the following schemes.

  1. Banking Lost Doctoral Scholarship
  2. IDRC Research Awards
  3. Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships Program 
  4. Canada Graduate Scholarships
  5. MITAC elevate
  6. CIHRS Fellowship
  7. Study In Canada Scholarships Program
  8. Sauvé Scholars Program
  9. Natural Resources Canada Postdoctoral Research Program
  10. CGSP Postdoctoral Fellowships
  11. Ontario Trillium Scholarships (OTS)
  12. Partnership Grants by Social Science and Humanities Research Council in Canada
  13. Canada-ASEAN SEED

Scholarships from NGOs

Several NGOs in Canada also aid the government to reach out to international students. A majority of these schemes are made available only to those proven in capable of raising funds for their education. Here are a few of these NGOs:

  1. Canada Hope Scholarship Program
  2. Anne Vallee Ecological Fund
  3. Canada Memorial Scholarship
  4. Pierre Trudeau Scholarships

Institutional Scholarships 

Several universities in Canada also provide scholarship slots for international and national students. Listed below are a few of these universities.

  1. University of Waterloo International Funding
  2. York University Entrance Scholarships
  3. Western University International President’s Entrance Scholarship
  4. Alberta University Scholarship for International students
  5. Quest University scholarship for international students
  6. University of Manitoba International scholarship 
  7. Fairleigh Dickinson University International Funding
  8. University of Calgary Scholarship

How to Apply for a Scholarship in Canada

As previously stated, different scholarships are available in different nations. When applying for a scholarship program, it is expected that you have firsthand knowledge of all of the required criteria.

Do your best to arm yourself with all of the relevant information. If possible, ask a coworker, professor, or admissions officer to assist you with the admissions process.

When applying for scholarships, you should be careful of fraudsters. Illegitimate scholarships and scam sites are looking for people to deceive.

Be aware of websites that request money from you. The majority of scholarships are fully financed.

How can you apply for a Canadian scholarship?

  1. Completing the necessary forms
  2. Upload all required documents
  3. Contact the scholarship grant administrator.
  4. Check your email for a confirmation message.
  5. Wait for the outcome


It is not always easy to obtain a Canadian scholarship as an international student. The hassles involved are immense, yet after receiving the most sought-after scholarship, the entire effort will be worth it.

Always keep your ears to the ground when looking for a scholarship. Scholarship spaces are usually available on an irregular basis. Therefore it is in your best interest to stay current.