List of Scholarships in Singapore: Scholarship in Singapore for International Students

Are there scholarships in Singapore for international students? If there are, where’s the list of scholarships in Singapore? You’re in luck, find them here!

A scholarship is a grant or any form of financial aid that a student receives as a means of enablement and support to study. The criteria for scholarships are usually based on whatever the sponsor values. For example, scholarships criteria may include academic merit, financial need, sporting skills, etc. Singapore is one of the countries that places high value on education. As such, they offer scholarships to both national and international students. 

These scholarships are the nation’s quota for education and academic growth. Singaporean scholarships include both fully funded and partial scholarships. Whichever way, students should be excited about this financial support for academic furtherance.

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The lion city, Singapore, is one in which all levels of education receive state support. English is the language that teachers and lecturers use for all subjects, except for the native language in Singapore’s public schools. With a prominent educational system, it’s relatively easy to study and gain a scholarship in Singapore as there are many government-funded scholarships. 

Also, there is no application fee; the process is easy, some courses come with internships, and IELTS isn’t compulsory. However, the duo lingo language test may be necessary for international students. Despite your country of origin, you can get a Singapore government scholarship for a Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Ph.D. degree. Please note that there are many other external scholarship sponsors in Singapore apart from the government.

Scholarships in Singapore

Singapore can boast of diverse quality educational institutions that offer a wide spectrum of courses. Acquiring knowledge in this country may be expensive, but there are readily available scholarship opportunities for bright minds to fall back on. Let’s take a look at some of them.

Singapore International Graduate Award

The SINGA scholarship is mainly for students studying for a doctorate in biomedical/ physical sciences and engineering. This scholarship applies to A*STAR, NUS, NTU, and SUTD. In four years, it provides between 2000- 2500 SGD monthly, a one-time airfare grant, and a settling allowance. 

Commonwealth Scholarship for Integrated Science

The UK Foreign Commonwealth and Development office is the sponsor of this scholarship. The scholarship, which covers transportation, tuition, and other fees, is for nationals of Commonwealth countries. Having been in existence for over 60 years, the scholarship funds those pursuing a Master’s and Ph.D. 

Asian Development Bank-Japan Scholarship for Developing Countries

The ADB-JSP, which began in 1988, is given to candidates studying to attain postgraduate degrees in economics, science, technology, and business management. The scholarship covers tuition fees, living & research allowance, study materials, airfare, and medical expenses.

Lee Kong Chian Graduate Scholarship 

Lee Foundation sponsors this scholarship. It awards financial aid to students of Ph.D. programs at the National University of Singapore. The aid covers tuition, travel, exam & other fees, one-off travel, laptop allowance, and SGD 3,300 monthly stipend. Both local and international students can apply for this.

Criteria for Scholarship

As stated earlier, Singaporean scholarships are awarded based on the fulfillment of certain measures or criteria. It can be based on academic merit, financial need, and athletic abilities, amongst others. The criteria vary according to the sponsor. Let’s take a look at the eligibility requirements for scholarships in Singapore. 

  • To qualify for SINGA, you should be a graduate with excellent communicative abilities, stellar academic records, and a love for research. 
  • Applicants for the commonwealth scholarship must possess a bachelor’s or Master’s degree and be a commonwealth member citizen. In addition, they must be below age 40 and have a minimum score of 60% and 65% in social science and science, respectively.
  • To be eligible for ADB-JSP, you must originate from an ADB borrowing member country and be less than 35 years old. In addition, you should have already gained admission and have a bachelor’s degree.
  • Applicants of the Lee Kong Chian scholarship must be a graduate with approved admission for a full-time degree at NUS. They must also be eligible for the Singapore Ministry Of Education subsidy.

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If you would love to study on scholarships in a country that doesn’t require IELTS, Singapore is your best bet. Gaining admission into the country’s top-ranked universities is now a way feat. And there are many scholarship opportunities up for grabs. In addition, Singapore’s scholarship programs have aided many worldwide without discrimination based on race or religion.

What’s more? There’s a wide choice of institutions available and skilled to train you. Once you meet the criteria, waste no time applying for a scholarship without paying a dime. Singapore may be your ticket to a brighter future.