Requirements to Study Psychology in Canada for International Students

Canada ranks well among advanced countries that understand the significance of mental health due to the increased depression and other mental deteriorating conditions.

Psychology is one scientific program that deals with the mental status of individuals and affects their general well-being. This emphasis on general mental soundness influences the constant demand for psychologists in Canada. 

Canada is a promising educational region, so the reason for the abundance of international students studying there. Studying psychology in Canada is an impressive decision for international students, but it is imperative to understand the vital requirements.

International students’ adherence to these Canadian requirements for studying psychology affects their eligibility for this important profession and their contribution to global well-being.

Key Takeaways

Psychology is an incredible career choice that helps influence better decision-making among people and their soundness.

It is a favorable career option in Canada with various degrees like the BA. M.A. Ph.D. PsyD. Each of these programs offers different career opportunities for international students. 

Regardless of your psychology program as an international student, it is vital to understand the requirements to study psychology in Canada and adhere to them. Complying with these requirements creates a solid foundation for you and eases your study system. 

Canadian Requirements for International Psychology Students 

For international students to qualify for admission in psychology, they must have high grades in English, Maths, and biology. Chemistry and Physics are other subjects they may do depending on their psychology programs. Other requirements are:

International students seeking a bachelor’s degree must have 10+2 a reputable academic board assigns.

International Students pursuing a master’s degree must obtain a BA. in psychology from a well-known institution to be eligible for admission.

Students who don’t speak English as their official language should have good grades in the English language competitive exams. The IELTS, PTE, etc., will suffice.

International students need to have impressive GRE grades or good scores on other proficiency tests.

There are various psychology programs available for BSc nursing international students with undergraduate and postgraduate courses they can pursue.

Having zeal is not just enough to do well in this profession. Proficient analytical and calculative skills to make correct and reasonable judgments are paramount. 

Classification of Canadian Psychology Degree

The four Canadian psychology degree types are:

Associate Degree

A psychology associate degree lasts for two years and is best for people who only desire minimal psychology knowledge. Having this degree minimizes your job chances, contrary to other degree types.

Bachelor’s Degree

Many students choose a psychology Bachelor’s degree, which lasts for four years and allows them to receive further knowledge in this field. A Bachelor’s degree increases one’s employment possibilities and serves as a foundation for advanced learning.

Master’s Degree 

A Master’s degree is a three-year program that gives efficient training on theoretical aspects of psychology. A Bachelor’s degree is vital to studying and attaining a master’s degree, and having this higher degree offers you favorable chances for job opportunities amidst competition.


A Ph.D. is a doctorate that lasts for five-seven years and requires a doctor’s supervision while practicing in a hospital. Earning this degree makes you eligible for a psychiatrist post.

Doctor of Psychology

This program is suitable for international students who want to study psychology in Canada and work there. But you must take a national certification exam to qualify as a psychologist. 

Frequent Questions About Studying Psychology in Canada

Is Psychology in demand in Canada?

Yes, not just that, psychology ranks as a well-paying job with an impressive salary ranging on average from $97,456 to $120,296 yearly, provided you perform well. 

How long is a psychology degree in Canada?

The duration of an associate degree in psychology is two years, Bachelor’s degree in Psychology is four years, a Master’s degree is two years, and a Ph.D. is about seven years. 

Is a Canadian Psychology degree valid outside Canada?

Yes, Canadian degrees are credible worldwide as they’re prominent for top-notch academic standards.

Is psychology a promising career in Canada?

Yes. There is an increasing need for skilled psychologists worldwide, and Canada is not left out. Pursuing a psychology career in Canada is a reasonable choice; it also serves as a foundation for achieving other professional employment like law, medicine, etc.

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Many international students aspire to study psychology in Canada due to the favorable living situation and conducive learning atmosphere. However, there are educational requirements you must meet before studying psychology as they confirm your eligibility to study psychology. In due time you can give your share of psychological aid to the world.