Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Europe

Europe is a large continent divided into the western, eastern, northern, and southern regions, with over 40 countries. These countries include the UK, Russia, France, Netherland, etc. Europe is home to many beautiful countries with influential economies, and many foreigners would love to work there even if they have no one to sponsor them. 

Fortunately, the good news is that there are European visa sponsorship jobs in these countries, and a few of these jobs are as chefs, IT specialists, designers, office& admins, etc. 

Key Takeaways: Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Europe

There are over 40 countries on the European continent, and most of them have competitive economies and beautiful regions. Foreigners who desire to work in either Germany, the UK, or Greece need to find a job first. The best way to achieve that is getting a European Job visa sponsorship which allows their potential employer to handle their work visa application and give them a certificate of sponsorship. 

Depending on how long they’ll be working there, they could opt for a long-term or short-term visa. Lastly, there are various websites to find European sponsorship employment offers, so make your selection.

Visa Sponsorship Jobs in Europe

What Is a European Visa Sponsorship?

A European visa sponsorship permits an employer from any European country practicing visa job sponsorships to give foreigners a sponsorship certificate to work there. Non-European citizens aspiring to find a sponsor employer should fit the stipulated requirements, proficiency, and qualifications to work in that job. 

The European immigration officials of any EU country will permit an employer to sponsor their potential employee’s visa procedure, and the sponsor limit is five years. This sponsorship certificate doesn’t just help the foreign worker. But also serves as proof to the immigration officials that you can handle the responsibilities of having a foreign worker throughout their stay working for you.

The sponsorship certificate differs from the conventional hardcopy documents. Instead, they are electronically stored data with a different number assigned to each Non-European worker. The employee uses this unique number to process their work visa and other vital documents, and it becomes null after three months.

How to Obtain a Certificate of Sponsorship

Certificates of sponsorships (CoS) are generated by an assigned employee of that company following the laid out rules in the Sponsorship management system. The staff will do this from a verified account of a licensed employer sponsor.

The employer sponsor must fill out the information in the compulsory sections with accurate data about the employment process. They need to fill out the respective data:

  • ID information
  • Passport information
  • Existing residential address
  • Identification numbers
  • The address of your employment area
  • The dates you go to work
  • Your residential address in the European country you found a sponsor employer like UK or Greece.
  • The foreign employe’s occupation
  • The employer must observe a labor market assessment which lasts for 60-90 days to prove he searched for European citizens but couldn’t find any. And other requirements you’ll find in the form. 

Also, the employee sponsoring the foreigner will pay around €21-€200 depending on if it’s a Tier-2 or Tier-5 sponsorship certificate. But this fee doesn’t apply to some specific European countries.

Furthermore, the employer sponsoring the foreigner’s work visa must pay for the immigration skills cost if they assign a Tier-2 general or intra-company relocation certificate. The worker’s visa will have to be revoked if this fee isn’t paid after the sponsorship certificate issuance of ten days. 

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Types of Sponsorship Certificate

The type of sponsorship certificate issued to a non-European worker depends on the category of skills and work she’ll be doing in the country. The tier-2 CoS is for a foreign employee with skills who will be working for a long time, while the tier-5 CoS is for short-term workers.

Websites for European Visa Job Sponsorships is the ultimate best international job advertising website that brings various foreign and national seekers and employers together. It is a legitimate American company that provides you with visa job sponsorship offers from different European countries such as the UK, Greece, Netherland, France, etc. You can search for various info such as recently posted job offers, payment, and requirements.

LinkedIn is a well-known proficient social forum that provides several employment opportunities for people at beginner, intermediate and experienced levels. You can find European job visa sponsorships there and ways to narrow your search to find a specific job type you want.

Jooble website is the top website for European visa job sponsorships, and there are over 250,000 job postings daily from various social venues. Recently, they collaborated with Facebook and LinkedIn to bring several people of industries and career paths together.


Obtaining a European job sponsorship visa is the best way to work in a European country like the Uk or Netherlands, as these foreign countries require you get a job first before coming over. This offer allows foreigners to showcase their proficiency in the European country they wish to find work.