Which European Country Gives Citizenship Easily?

Many lovers of Europe and new things love the idea of vacationing in different places throughout their lifetime. With 51 countries in Europe, that is possible significantly since they simplify acquiring citizenship.

Having European citizenship allows you to work, live and study in any European country of your choice, and Portugal is one European country that gives easy citizenship.

Many regard this country as the best in Europe as it comes with plenty of tourist sites, unique dishes, beautiful music, and culture.

Also, many globally covet the European passport because it offers citizens the right to pass into about 153 different countries irrespective of you not having a citizenship right or visa. 

Key Takeaways

Getting citizenship in European countries may seem complicated, especially if you’ve no relations there. In worse cases, some take so much time and still don’t work out in the end.

However, some European countries like Portugal, Ireland, the United Kingdom, and a few more make acquiring this citizenship process easy. Also, some methods of acquiring European citizenship are not only easy; some come cheap. 

Top Five European Countries That Offer Easy Citizenship

Who doesn’t love a stress-free life? Many European countries simplified acquiring citizenship. Below are the top five easy European citizenship giving lands. 


Many consider Portugal the best European country, and they’re the top 1 country to offer easy European citizenship. They provide simple criteria such as essential language acquisition and a minimum of five years to live in Portugal before qualifying for citizenship.

  • Some range of offers that make Portugal the top country to gain easy citizenship are:
  • Several accessible options.
  • 5-years naturalization 
  • Residency by investment & Golden Visa Portugal
  • Third generation citizenship by descent
  • Flexible birthright rules


Ireland possesses tremendous importance and is the only nationality to offer the capacity to reside and work in the United Kingdom and Europe. Becoming a citizen is easy as it requires only five years of minimum residence, no language levels, and allows dual citizenship.


Sweden offers very nonrestrictive citizenship criteria in the EU with no language requirements and a five-year residency period to become a citizen. Also, there can be a time reduction to three years if you have a Swedish spouse, but this offer comes with some requirements.

United Kingdom

Like other European countries, you need a five-year residence period to become an eligible British citizen. But, you need to scale through the UK test and have a B1 in English as a language level.


Belgium does not pose any obstacles to people desiring European citizenship. All you need to do is have a five-year residence time frame, be good in any of Belgium’s local languages (French, Dutch or German) and actively participate in their economy by paying taxes and levies. 

How to Acquire European Citizenship? 

Since many European countries make acquiring European citizenship easy, you’ll undoubtedly want to get one. Here are different ways to.


Citizenship by descent, otherwise known as ancestry, is an easy and cheap strategy for becoming a European citizen. Having born-in Europe parents, grandparents, and sometimes great-grandparents qualifies you for European citizenship.


This citizenship method is widespread, and you can do it either automatically or through applications to legal administrations. It is a reasonable option and involves attaining a lasting residence status. However, it would help if you remembered that requirements depend on each European country.


Nearly all European countries can probably regard you as a citizen of their country if you sustain a full-time job, pay taxes, and carry out other primary requirements. But this option may be difficult as you need a local company to hire you first so they can support you.


Marriage is a fast-track strategy to acquire European citizenship but in a minimized timeframe. However, you need a European spouse who willingly agrees to the agreement to prevent potential problems.


Having a business is an excellent way to become a European citizen as several European countries, such as Belgium, Hungary, and more, offer residency access to business people. But it involves tremendous boundaries, such as high capital, or is more time-intensive.


Obtaining European citizenship by investment is an easy method with minimum criteria. Even if you don’t instantly receive citizenship after your investment, this is guaranteed and a quick way to gain residency.

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If you’re a lover of traveling, visiting, and residing in beautiful European countries, gaining citizenship is the least of your worries because it’s not a complicated process anymore, especially in Portugal.

There are various ways to acquire European citizenship, and many European countries make this procedure easy for everyone eligible.