Best Countries to Have Dual Citizenship

A dual citizen is a legal citizen of two countries. Of course, this idea sounds pleasant, but it may not always be easy to achieve. However, the lustrous goodies attached to dual citizenry make the try worth your while.

Not all countries support dual citizenship, but amongst those that do, there are top-tier choices. Most of the best countries where one can have dual citizenship are European. These countries are the best because they offer lots of side attractions. But as we all know, nothing goes for nothing.

To attain the status of the dual citizenry, without birth, naturalization, descent, or marriage, you’ve got to trade in something.

Key Takeaways

There are many ways to obtain dual citizenship. These include; descent, origin, naturalization, marriage, and investment.

In recent years, the latter has become increasingly popular. It is an easy process with countless benefits attached. 

Malta, Grenada, and New Zealand are some countries with the best dual citizenship programs. They have strong passports which grant holders visa-free access to many nations and excellent welfare.

Also, there are many lucrative business and career opportunities. In anything you do, never settle for less. You ought to always opt for the best.

Best Countries for Dual Citizenship

Almost all the countries of the world permit dual citizenship. But, they all certainly can’t be on the same level. When we talk about the best, you’ll wonder what aspect we refer to. While dual citizenry is easier in some countries due to the nature of attainment, it’s still better in some.

Getting dual citizenship easily doesn’t mean it’s all on a platter. Dual citizenship by investment is seemingly the best method because of the swiftness, ease, and benefits.

Other than the factors above, we considered the application procedure and cost to derive this list of the best countries. Here they are:


This country founded the first global empire and is one of the oldest & most peaceful nation-states in Europe. It has a temperate climate, a safe environment, and lots of healthy food.

Through investment, you can get a golden visa granting you five years of permanent residence, after which you can apply for a passport.

As a Portuguese dual citizen, you’ll have access to 185 countries, including the European Union.


A unique & small Mediterranean country and the first planned city in Europe. Also a tax-friendly city with high business prospects for entrepreneurs. If you’ve been a resident for a year and meet the requirements, you can apply for citizenship here.

New Zealand

This country is the first to have universal suffrage. It is part of the trans-Tasman agreement, which gives members the freedom to navigate Australia. In addition, as a part of the CANZUK geopolitical zone, its citizens can work and reside in Canada & UK without a Visa.


The Island of spices grants applicants passports within three months. The immediate family of the applicant can also be part of the package. The Grenadian passport is so strong that it opens a visa-free gateway to 143 countries, including China & Russia.

St Kitts and Nevis

The mother colony of the West Indies grants its passport within 60 days. Passport holders can access 153 extra countries.

Requirements for Eligibility of Dual Citizenship

To qualify for dual citizenship, some requirements vary according to country. Here are the things you need to be eligible in each country.


  • Transfer of €1,000,000 to an approved account 
  • Invest between €280,000- £400,000 for real estate in low-density areas


  • Donate €350,000 to a national government fund 
  • Invest €150,000 in stocks or a government-approved bond.

New Zealand

  • Invest NZ$ 10,000,000 for three years
  • Invest NZ$ 2,000,000 or 3,000,000 for four years


  • Donate $150,0000 to Grenada National transformation fund
  • Invest $220,000 as a real estate co-owner for five years

St Kitts and Nevis

  • Donate $150,000 into a sustainable growth fund
  • Buy property worth $200,000 for seven years or $400,000 for five years

These are just a few of the requirements. You can search for more suitable ones. However, don’t feel that the conditions are too high because the gains exceed the requirements in the end.

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If you’re interested in becoming a dual citizen, there are many ways. However, the citizenship by investment program has become increasingly popular in recent times.

Having dual citizenship is catchy as many palatable offers are linked to this. However, it is essential to note that not all countries offer the same benefits. Due to this, we have drafted out the best countries for you to have dual citizenship.

Most of these countries are located in Europe and give visa-free travel as part of the profit package.