Cheap Tuition Fees Universities In the UK For International Students

For many international students, studying in the United Kingdom can be a dream come true. The UK is home to world-class institutions, has some of the best student towns worldwide, and offers quality degrees and scholarships.

However, the country is still one of the most expensive places to live and study. This isn’t just because of the costs of love but also because of the costly tuition fees that universities charge international students. Although the government regulates the fees for home students,  each institution is at liberty to decide the tuition for international students.

Key Takeaways

There are several universities in the UK where the tuition is cheap, especially for international students. Of course, some are cheaper than others. But, they are all famous institutions renowned for excellence and world-standard infrastructure.

What Are The Cheap Tuition Fees Universities For International Students In The UK?

Unsurprisingly, international students try to get into cheaper schools to cut costs. And while some schools cost more than others, that does not reflect the quality of education. For example, some universities in the UK have cheaper tuition for international students.

University Of West London

The University Of West London offers quality education on its modern campus, all the required facilities are in place, and the campus is excellent for research and learning. As a result, the University ranked 50th in 2019’s Guardian University Guide.

For such a highly acclaimed institution, the tuition fee is quite affordable compared to other universities in the UK. For its 2021 session, students paid £12,000 at the University. Of course, this fee is for undergraduate degrees.

Teesside University

This university enjoys both local and international Acclaim. With its diverse and wide array of academic programs, Teeside University has a lot to offer to students regarding high quality and world standard education and extensive research.

Furthermore, the school’s low tuition fees make it an even better option for international students. This pertains to institutions with so much to offer their students. An undergraduate program at Teeside University costs about £11,800 per academic year.

Leeds Becket University

Leeds Becket University is home to about 28,000 students from over 100 countries worldwide. This university is situated in the vibrant city of Leeds, which is the largest financial hub in the UK besides London.

The institution had clearly defined goals, including equipping her students with skills and knowledge that will help them in the future. The University also partners with international organizations and other companies to ensure that its students get good opportunities after they complete their studies. This exemplary institution also has one of the lowest tuition fees in the UK. Undergraduate courses cost about £12,000 per year.

University Of Bedfordshire

Although the University of Bedfordshire is relatively new, it is one of London’s finest institutions. It was established in 2006 when the University of Luton and De Monfort’s University were joined together. This blend of two thriving campuses resulted in an institution that enjoys global recognition and is home to over 20,000 students from more than 120 countries worldwide.

In addition to its excellent reputation and global appeal, the University of Bedfordshire has very affordable tuition fees. International students pay £11,500 for B. A and B.Sc programs while postgraduate degrees cost £12,000. Additionally, an MBA costs about 12,500 for tuition.

University Of Cumbria

Although the University of Cumbria only started operating in 2007, it’s one of the fastest-growing universities in London. Home to over 10,000 students of diverse nationalities, the school uses a distributed learning system where teaching goes on both on the school’s campuses and remotely in other colleges around Cumbria.

Additionally, the school offers quality education while encouraging research; the tuition fees are quite affordable for international students. The school charges 12,800 per session for undergraduate students.

Buckinghamshire New University

Buckinghamshire New University is an award-winning institution and ranked among the top 10 safest campuses in London. The institution is dedicated to shaping higher learning to suit modern needs and make its students indispensable to employers and society.

Notwithstanding its lofty ideals and incredible attributes, the tuition fee is quite affordable. Undergraduate students pay about £9,500 per session, while post-graduate degrees cost about £9,400.

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Studying abroad is not a walk in the park, especially regarding finances. However, some institutions have affordable and even cheap tuition fees, especially for international students. For example, the institutions mentioned above charge a fee of £12,000 to £9,500 per session. Also, it is possible to access scholarships which can make tuition even less.