Can a Student Visa Work in the Uk?

Managing the cost of living expenses and tuition expenses in the UK as an international student is overwhelming. However, having a side job is helpful, so a UK student visa is essential. International students with student visas can work in the Uk. Also, your visa type determines when you can get a job in the UK through specific authorizations written on your student visa.

Key Takeaways 

International students can work in the UK with a student visa. However, it primarily relies on your study permit as there are Tier 4 general & child student visas and short-term study visas. Generally, student permits indicate if you can find jobs in the UK or not. Some fall under the while studying and after studying category, while others are in the graduate route category. 

Additionally, there are limitations to the job varieties you can do with your student visa. Applying for these visas varies a little, but you can always apply for them using mobile devices or from locations in your nation.

Does A Student Visa Allow You Work? 

The general UK permit allows international students to work in the UK with a student visa by indicating if they can work there or not by saying no work or work prohibited. And if you can work using your UK student Visa, ensure not to exceed the hour duration. This permission relies on your lesson type and the university you’re studying at, but there are job limitations with a student visa.

  • You can’t engage in any entrepreneurial job and employment except for the start-up visa route candidates.
  • A skilled sports trainer, except it, is incorporated into your degree program.
  • Musician
  • A doctor and dentist in training
  • Voluntary work

Working while studying

International students can work with a student visa in the UK if they take a full-time degree program. They can work for 20 hours weekly as their college states and work full time during academic holidays.

After the end of their course

International students fall under the vacation category after their program ends. They can engage in business activities for four months or until their student visa becomes null. They can take on permanent jobs after completing their course but must change their visa status to PR.

Graduate Route

The currently initiated graduate route strategy enables potential and recently funded students to finalize their degrees, comprising students who are still taking their programs. Candidates who pass this program can get jobs or work in any category.

Types of Uk Student Visa

Visa types influence if a student can work with a student visa in the UK. UK student visas types include:

Tier 4 (General) Student Visa

The general study permit is the regular visa type for applicants aspiring to study programs exceeding six months, and you can apply for it from or outside the UK. But to be qualified for this visa, you must have obtained admission to study a program, have good English knowledge, and can finance yourself for the length of your program. You can always prolong its duration if you desire to attain future tuition.

Tier 4 (Child) Student Visa

Tier 4 child visa allows students from ages 4 to 17 to go to schools in the UK. You must apply from outside the UK & receive acceptance from a school, have approval from a parent, and present evidence of sufficient monetary backing to cover all expenses throughout your stay. This visa is valid for six years, but you can lengthen the period.

Short-term study visa

As the phrase suggests, this visa is for short-term students and classes ranging from 11 months and below. You can’t lengthen the span of this visa after your program closes.

Applying for a Uk Student Visa

Application for UK student visas slightly varies depending on the visa type you wish to attain. You can obtain more knowledge on this process here. International students wishing to work in the UK with a student visa and get a general permit to pursue graduate and undergraduate programs can apply here. Students can apply for a UK student visa online or offline in available regions.


International students can work in the UK with a student visa, depending on the type. However, student visas do not last endlessly as they only stay legal for the interval of your courses. So you’ll have to upgrade your visa status if you plan to have full-time employment after graduation in the UK.